Friday, April 13, 2012


In regarding the Irish Govt. decision to close the embassy : Most observers are also seeing it as a direct retaliation of the Irish government against the Church for the Church's many years of allegedly lax supervision in dozens of cases of child abuse and sexual abuse.
In India particularly in the Tamil Region (Madras Region-South India) all the catholic hierarchies are running a parallel government nobody questions them. The bishops of Tamilnadu (South India) are running
after money, cheap popularity/publicity mania, casteism and politically
motivated. The lay Catholics or the parishioners are divided by as two
groups by the parish priests, one group to support the parish priest
and the other groups raise any voice or rightly protest against the
bishop or any priest, then they with the aid of police and civil
officials are harassed and are unjustly the people and are deprived of
the sacraments likes baptism, confirmation, Holy Communion and holy matrimony.
Some catholic churches are closed for years together. The
catholic hierarchy in Tamilnadu (Madras Region) doesn’t have the basic
Christian quality of love and tolerance but they are continuously
harassing the lay Catholics till they surrender. Individual catholic
or the group of Catholics or any catholic association wrote to the Holy See of
the catholic hierarchies concerned in Vatican, but, all in vain not even
an acknowledgment was received. For the aforesaid reasons, a good
number of Catholics have left the Church and joined other Christian
denominations. No bishops or priests bother about it. In a civil
society the people can get their relief from courts or other grievance
cell. But nothing is available to a layman in the Catholic Church. Especially
the Bishop of Kottar Diocese (South most tip of India), he is a most
powerful bishop than any other bishop in the world. The lay Catholics
are pathetic at the hands of the postors of Kottar Diocese.
The same accusation like Irish will mount against the Holy See in near future in relates to the Catholic Bishops of Tamilnadu.

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  1. I agree with you. This is experienced by us in Maravankudieruppu Parish Kottar diocese, as you know. Pl post this type of postings to give more information to layman.